Time Management Tip – Habitual Procrastination

By | May 18, 2023

This time management tip will help you to deal with your procrastination. If you find you’re almost always rushing to the finish line you may be a habitual procrastinator and not even realize it. When was the last time you had something completed ahead of time? If you can’t remember you very may well be a habitual procrastinator.

The only way to really make improvements with how you implement any time management tip is to understand why you are behaving the way you are now. How is the habit of putting things off until the last minute rewarding you now? Now really think about that question because your initial reaction may be that it doesn’t reward you and that it makes you feel terrible, but if you are doing something repeatedly there is some level of satisfaction in doing so. Perhaps rushing to the wire on your deadlines makes you feel important or it makes you feel more alive and alert. Whatever the reward is you need to identify it.

After you understand how you are rewarded now you need to explore how things could be. How would you be rewarded if you were to change how you think about procrastination? For example, if procrastinating makes you feel important how would it change things for you if you were to begin to think that getting things done ahead of time makes you feel fulfilled because you then have time for the things that are important to you. Think forward about what that would be like until the satisfaction of not procrastinating exceeds the satisfaction that you are now getting from procrastinating.

The results of this time management tip come when you take action. The problem with habits is that they are hard to break and when you just try to stop doing something it almost never works. To make your desired changes stick you need to replace the old habit with a new habit. Perhaps your new habit is to challenge yourself to do things now and see how quickly you can get them done. When you’ve completed something reward yourself in some small way to re-enforce the new behavior.

If you’ve ever had to replace another habit you know it takes at least 21 days of concentrated effort to change the habit. This time management tip will help you to free yourself of the procrastination habit and allow you to make a new time sensitive habit. You can’t ever replace your time. It’s the most valuable resource you have. So start saving your time by not procrastinating so you can get a great time reward that you’ve always wanted.