Why Is My Internet Running Slow?

By | May 21, 2023

Many times it happens that suddenly the internet speed drops and we start scratching our head wondering why is my internet running slow? This problem occurs with nearly everyone. Sometimes the issue is at the Internet Service Provider (ISP) end. However, the sudden drop in speed of your internet can also be due to the problems with your PC. You need to check for these internal errors in order to enjoy fast downloading speed.

To boost up the internet speed do the following things:

· Install Internet Optimizer
· Clear Browser History and Cache
· Reset your Browser Settings
· Update Network Drivers

Install Internet Optimizer

Why is my internet slow? This problem can be due to bad internet settings. For better internet settings try using some Internet Optimizer tool. It automatically adjusts your PC’s settings and enhances its performance. There are some System Utilities that include a feature of internet optimizer.

Clear Browser History and Cache

While using internet and visiting different websites your web browser stores different kind of data in its history and cache. This stored data also affects the performance of internet because it contains some junk files. You can clean history and cache by following the steps below:

1. Run Internet Explorer
2. Click on Tools
3. Go to Options
4. Delete Browsing History
5. Restart your browser

You can also use System Utilities software to clean junk files from browser history and cache.

Reset your Browser Settings

If your internet is running slow, reset your browser settings to default. You can reset browser settings by following the steps stated below:

1. Run Internet Explorer from your Desktop
2. Click on Tool and then on Internet Options
3. Go to Advanced tab
4. Then Click on Reset

Update Network Drivers

Using outdated version of network drivers affects the performance of internet. To resolve this issue update drivers. Follow the steps below to upgrade drivers:

1. Right-click on My Computer
2. Click on Properties
3. Now click on Hardware tab and press Device Manager button
4. Select the Adapter and right-click on it
5. Click on Update Drivers
6. Follow onscreen instructions to complete installation
7. Restart your system

For better optimization of internet try using a good system utility/internet optimizer software. This type of software will not only help you to speed up the internet connection but it will also speed up your computer. It fixes internet slow speed automatically by modifying internet settings.